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I have been receiving emails from inbox dollars for several years. It takes quite awhile to build up to the $30 needed to receive payment. I went on vacation overseas but still checked my emails from inbox dollars. I never received any emails from them about my being overseas until it came time for me to apply for my check.

Suddenly there was a message saying my account had been deactivated because information I had given them didn’t match up. I did a chat which was a total joke because the person has no answers for me.

I received an email saying this:

We’re sending this response as a follow-up to your recent Chat with us on Apr 28.
As explained in the first section of our Terms of Membership, it is a violation to list any country in your Member Profile besides the country you that you are both living in and visiting from.
We have found that this account has listed the United States as its country and completed United States-only opportunities, while consistently visiting from outside the United States.
As such, this account has been removed and funds are no longer available due to the violation.
If we can assist you further please let us know!
Thank you!
Resolution Team / Member Services

“If we can assist you further please let us know!” Yes, they could assist me further by paying me the money I am owed. I did not list another country in my member profile. I don’t constantly read the terms of membership so I was totally unaware of this rule. If they noticed I was in another country, why wait until I ask for my check before they terminate the account?

So I am sure they are paid to have people read these emails and do the surveys, so they keep the money I earned? This seems like a very shady practice.

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