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I set up an acc. under my wifes name, and The first time I ordered from Choxi.com because I saw some things on line that looked nice and interesting , The payment went to them fast and the things I ordered took a long time and I should have learned my lesson However I was looking for a new blue tooth my old one the ear piece stopped working, And I remembered after ordering a new I bought it from Choxi.com OMG I knew I was in for a ride. P**P any the Choxi web site says 10 to 14 days for delivery thinking OK I will have it before I go on vacation.


Two weeks went by and I didn’t get my blue tooth, so I called them and they told me it is 10 to 14 business days. so I told them as long as I have it before I go on vacation it is OK.

3 weeks went by and still nothing, called them again and by now it is over the 14th, business day and Choxi informed me it takes 2 to 3 weeks 14 business days, so I ask if they counted the days? Because it is over the 14 days B-D mark. They can’t call there supplier only by email, and they will check on it. I gave them fair warning that if I don’t hear from them in 3- days I will be canceling my order.

Needless to say I call Thursday July 26 2016 3 days after long over the three weeks and all they told me is I’m sorry The order takes 2 to 3 weeks again I asked if they counted the days by now it is close to a month has gone by. so I told them to cancel my order and give me back my money. Choxi over and over told me they will give me a store credit. And I over and over told them I want the money back on my card and I will never buy from them again. again wanted me to take a store credit. and told me I can get a credit but I will have to pay shipping charges, Shipping Charges? On items I never got.. I was not happy!

So needless to say from 52 dollars I spent I got back 22.04 dollars So I give you this advice, Warning Warning! If You value Your money and want good quality Don’t buy from Choxi.com The people will sell you bad stuff and then steal your money. And once they get your money you will have to fight to get it back, I once bought a white blue tooth from them and the right ear piece went in one month, two 2- days after the 30 day return policy.

Trust me when I say if you ever need to return something or just want to cancel your order you will have a very hard time and will have a big headache! To save time call me and I will give you the Headache I still have from Choxi.com

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