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After spending $3000 . 90% of the leads from Home Advisor were customers that didn’t have a clue as to why we were calling them. The other 10% said they were just browsing Home Advisor‘s Website & not looking to have work performed.

Numerous phone calls to try to get answers was a frustrating as the dead leads we were sold. With a balance of $200 they have now turned my account to collections, which is where it will stay, as I join the class action lawsuit.

With the hopes of holding the company accountable for their complete disconcern of companies such as mine, trying to make an honest living, only to be ripped of by scam artist like Home Advosor.

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Amen I have the exact same issue!!!! It’s a ridiculous scam against hard working men and women who strive to make an honest living. They give those leads out to 3 or 4 other contractorside. That was never mentioned in the sales call but the customer service girl slipped and told me. I’m furious bc they just emailedon’t me a $453 invoice for 5 leads and only 2 actual leads but the customers said they wanted kitchen and bathroom remodeling when actually all they wanted was kitchen painting or a tiled shower!!!

I am so disappointed from them thank god after few days I new it’s a scam All what they told me was a big fat lie I saw it at the first week They gave me each lead twice and charge me twice 4 lead where me try the system to see how exactly it works, they didn’t take it off my bill The rest Where no answer when I told them they said they will take care of it which they didn’t. I ask them to start only on Sunday they start send me lead on Friday (I don’t… Read more »

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