It’s a scam! - HomeAdvisor is a scam

Yearly membership was $350 with a “discount” now they send you leads that are fake out of 16 leads I got from them and paid for each one only went on 2 estimates and one of them the lady wants the work done this time next year lol that lead cost me over $66, these people are scammers I spent over $1000 and did not make $1 not Raven a penny.

When u set your target for $100 a month once they send you leads that exceed the $100 they will send u appointments that they already made for you and charge you for them.

Remember you pay for all your leads in advance before you even speak to the customer, or go give them estimate.

If you don’t want to get ripped off don’t deal with these people.

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I need to know how to cancelebrate home advisor I’ve been charged over 2000 dollars and have barely made 500 off of the leads they send out… most of the leads I get which are about 44 to 65 bucks each either don’t answer the phone or don’t know what I’m talking about… this place is a scam and I will be telling all of my friends not to be using them and I’m going to blast them on social media

Unfortunately me and my wife just got into this 3 weeks ago with our business. All I know is we need to get out of this they are bankrupting us with bs lead after bs lead. Homeadvisors is about to find out the power of social media! I have literally over 10,000 contacts and plenty of friends who have the same. I will give them a couple more weeks but its not looking good. When you get a lead you should at the very least be able to speak with them. I feel like I just walked into Walmart and… Read more »

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