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I figured I would try Homeadvisor to see if it was any good… It’s not, complete trash. I had gotten around 30 leads and not one single job out of them.

I actually did manage to meet some customers but of course there was so much competition between companies it was not worth the time.¬†FAKE leads…constantly, which I did manage to get refunded for most of them, still a waste of time.

Finally I went to close my account and they wanted me to stay so they took of my charges of $83 and gave me 3 free leads, 2 of them were price shoppers and then ignored me after I tried to get in touch with them for days and the last was fake.

This company gladly takes your money and money from many other contractors for low quality and fake leads. I think they internally generate fake leads and with no pre screening this service is garbage, total waste of money!

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