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I am a licensed and insured contractor trying to get back to doing construction work after being out for a while and could use some help getting referrals. I tried Home Adviser and I will say they were friendly to call on when needed anything, but I did not fully understand how everything worked with Home Adviser until I signed up to give it a try.

What I learned is that you will be charged up to $100.00 for every referral rather you get the job or not. You are also competing with up to at least 4 other contractors. The problem is they do not filter out the calls and many people are calling in out of curiosity just to get an idea of a projects cost and have no desire to get the job done at all because it does not cost them anything to do that. Also, many call in just to get 3 insurance quotes because it is required and already know who is doing the job and this also cost time and money. Also, many may or may not want to do the jobs but if so, several months later.

The point is that it does not cost the customer but it does cost the contractor because you are sent the lead and charged every time. You can dispute the lead but many times they charge you anyway on a dead- end lead. Also, they may be charging other contractors as well knowing nobody will get the job. They are making up to $100 off each contractor that was sent the lead.

I spent close to $1000.00 and did not get a single job after more than a dozen leads, I only gave about 3 estimates and at least 2 were insurance jobs that I have not gotten. All the others people were just curiosity shopping. On my own, I usually get about 95% of the jobs I bid on that people call me about. I have since pulled away from getting these leads.

I am writing this to let other contractors know what they may be getting into before joining. This has been my experience others may have had a better one but this can get very costly quick without landing a job and they get paid no matter what unless you can prove otherwise and they make the decision on that, so good luck.

Also, I am letting home owners know if you are not serious about getting work done just know you are costing the contractor plenty of time and money if you are not serious. I am not here to bash anyone but to educate on the process and can only speak of my personal experience and feel both sides should know how it all works, Thanks.

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