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I went to the doctor for a sore wrist at Kelsey Seybold Clinic. The doctor wrote a prescription for a wrist brace. They told me to get it filled at their clinic. So I did. Not thinking it would be outrageous price. Hanger billed my Insurance company $256.00. Which the insurance company said they would only pay $156.42 which was applied to my deductible.

I received a bill from Hanger for $156.42 we called them and said it was too much. I tried to resolve this with them for 6 months and they refused to work with me. Then they turned me over to collections. I contacted them again and told them the box said it was around $37 they would not listen to me and said that was for people with no insurance. Since the insurance company agreed to pay it we owe it.

So I got the brace and looked up the manufacture and got the part # to find that the brace cost $21.36 on amazon list Price about $47. At this point I contacted my Insurance carrier and explained to them what was going on. They verified the brace I was talking about should only cost me $32.99. So the agent called hanger about this and they did not even know the brand name of the brace provided. Charging $256 dollars for a $32 dollar product is one hell of a profit.

No wonder my Insurance cost have gone up more than 20 percent every year. The Agent said they did not know what brace we received and just agreed to pay the bill. To me this is not Integrity but Insurance fraud. It has wasted 8 hours of my time to get this resolved and Hanger refuses to resolve it unless I get insurance carrier to adjust claim. This is pretty stupid. From now on I will ask how much the service is and get a written estimate before agreeing to an open ended Bill with no proof of what I received.


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Hello Vidyia, my name is Meghan and I work at Hanger. I’m so sorry to hear you had a negative experience. At Hanger we strive to provide the highest quality of care possible to each of our patients and we are sincerely sorry you feel you had an experience contrary to that. Please e-mail me at so I can look into this for you ASAP.


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