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I’ve had to wear diabetic orthotic shoes since 2013. My podiatrist said Hanger Clinic was the only place I could get them. I initially went to the Rockville, MD, location and they wanted me to sign a form referring to Medicare. I told them that I had regular health insurance, and that if they submitted to Medicare, that would be fraud. They had a difficult time explaining that it was their standard insurance form. The woman who was supposed to do the measuring got very upset and threatened not to help me because I had a problem with the Medicare statement. I then crossed out Medicare on the form and put my health insurance info on it. She then assisted me.

Move forward 3 years – In January 2016, I went with a prescription from my podiatrist to a different location closer to home in Bethesda, MD. It was difficult to find the location and they can only be accessed from outside the building. They took the molds of my feet and proceeded to make new shoes. These new shoes were not even close to what I had received the last two times. I complained that the right shoe was too short and the shape didn’t conform to the previous two pairs of shoes. The left foot was too long by about 2 inches. They then sent the shoes back to be fixed. They came back in February and still weren’t correct. I then provided them my second pair of shoes, so that they could get the shape and inserts correctly done. I was told that feet change over time. I said that the change they marked down was so significant, that it was not going to work.

I still have not gotten any information on the shoes and it is 2 months since this was done. I now only have one pair of shoes and need the other pairs to change out of having the same shoes all the time.

Also, I’ve found that the technicians are super sensitive and feel that their customers are out to punish them or treat them poorly. I was not rude, just a little upset, and there was absolutely no empathy from them. The first woman was so sensitive about the form and her staff’s failure to explain, that she did not want to what she was there to do (Rockville). I found the technician in Bethesda to be about as sensitive, and the receptionist was downright rude when I called back in February trying to find out when the shoes would come.

Hanger Clinic – 6410 Rockledge Dr Suite 100 Bethesda MD 20817 | 301-571-1390

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