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The management company that ran the Royal Palm Beach resort in St. Martin for many years went out of business about seven years ago. Unfortunately, Diamond International took over the management without the approval of the owners. Then, they started increasing the maintenance fees that went from $770 per week, to $1750.

Cloobeck, the owner of Diamond International for many years started writing off many of his expenses and salary costs from their home office in Las Vegas on our resort in SXM.

We now pay almost twice the maintenance fee of other similar timeshare resorts in SXM. And, our original investment has vanished because the maintenance fees are higher than renting at a hotel on the island. Basically, greedy people at Diamond International are taking advantage of owners that are not organized and live throughout the USA and other foreign countries.

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To top it off, Royal Palms was our favorite SXM resort because it was a good value on points and a great location. Not anymore. In fact SXM has changed so much the past several years I do not think we will ever vacation there again, not just due to Diamond, but the whole island is now a cesspool of con artists and traffic went from bad to unbearable. So sad that the governments, especially the Dutch side, did not restrict development to a reasonable pace so infrastructure could keep up with all the new construction. Our last taxi driver… Read more »

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