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I initially did not have problems with Silver Script when I switched to them about 5 years ago. Now, everything is a problem! It is like they do not want to pay for ANYTHING that patients desperately need!

I have severe pain in both feet and my spine due to arthritis in my spine and arthritis along with bone spurs in both feet. I used Lidociane pain patches for years. Using Lidocaine pain patches gets medication right to the source of the pain and results in taking far fewer pain pills. That also means fewer sides effects such as drowsiness from pills. These idiots even denied my doctor’s prior authorization! They claim the Lidocaine patch was prescribed for “something other than its intended use.” Originally prescribed for shingles, even the U.S. National Institutes of Health and other very reputable medical researcher sites have published results of studies indicating overwhelming success of using Lidocaine 5 percent patch to relieve arthritis pain! Now I suffer so badly in pain to the point of tears, with pain so severe I often have to hold onto the wall just to walk from one room to the other. I no longer go ANYWHERE other than to medical appointments and the grocery when I absolutely have no choice. The severe pain has made me practically a total shut-in!

I was appalled last week when I called the pharmacy to get a refill for my Hydroxyzine, a medication used for severe itching, along with other medical problems. I am only on 10 mg because the 25 mg made me too drowsy. The total cost of this drug is around $45 full price and now they refuse to pay for hydroxyzine, so my refills do me no good! I have a very rare, potentially fatal small blood vessel disease. It causes a very sudden outbreak of anywhere from two or three to two or three-hundred, painful, severely itchy inflamed lesions on my body. I am allergic to Benadryl so Hydroxyzine was a god-send for the itching. I ended up in the emergency room last weekend because of a flare-up and no medication because I cannot afford it, living on a fixed income.

Then SilverScript has the AUDACITY to make an automated call wanting me to take a survey based on my latest phone call to them. You best believe I took that survey, honey! I was really happy they allow comments at the end of the multiple choice questions. I told them I hope they are happy I am now virtually a shut-in, with no kind of activity outside my home, that I suffer tremendously everyday, in severe pain and unrelenting itching due to their refusal to pay for these medications.

It is like SilverScript wants client-patients to do nothing but take 2 aspirin and don’t call them in the morning. I would not recommend SilverScript to my very worst enemy!! Save yourself the misery! As soon as I can get rid of them I intend to do so!

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this sounds soo horrible and somewhat hard to believe. I believe you, i just wonder what happened. i had a similar problem but after no help i got the phone number of the exec. offices and left a message and within a day they called me back, a nice young man took over the case he talked to my DR. and boom. That was it. i have a life time prex. at 0.00 cost to me. no co pay at all. try to get the exec. office. when you call the first number it will list it or it might… Read more »

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