My accounts ID were banned without any legal reason - E-chat is a free chatting website for making online friends or chatting with them. I made accounts named LORD111 AND THE SECOND ONE GODLORD AND THE THIRD ONE mee, which were banned by the admin LISA. LISA and i dont know why may be it was partiality or jealousy or proudly which i didnt know i again made new id.¬†LISA She threatened me, disturbed me by words in chatting website. She made me to commit suicide as i’m helpless.

I want her banned forever from website. Close the website or take serious actions against admins else i m disturbed mentally physically morally. I m not finding words. Pleasure ensure so that i dont commit suicide. MY E -MAIL I gave already.

On old ids my friends were connected preciously which were lost or disconnected uselessly i m hurt mentally, physically and morally, She that is LISA. LISA who claims to be admin again talked so hurtfully that i m hurt mentally. she banned my third ID too.

The admins are doing partiality. I want the admin to be removed from the post. I want the banning right to be used only in rarely cases or not used so that people cannot live in fear as so many people were banned and are being banned.

Also make a column in that website to complaint against admins and act very fast to make customers happy. It happened in HAPPY CHAT ROOM. Moreover people i want your attention towards the fact that admins themselves chat vulgarly to people about adult p**n matter which is not good for admins.

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