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We are presently building a home on an NC county road, approx. 300-400 feet from the road frontage. In September, we placed a work order with Duke to run temporary power to our site. In December, our contractor also placed a work order to have power run to the site. We still do not have power run to our building site.

First, Luther Parks at the North Wilkesboro, NC Duke Energy facility told us we would have to get a right of way signed by one landowner in order to extend one more power pole down our county road, then the power could be run underground to our site (this is required due to covenants). We were then told the landowner would not sign so could we call her and see if she would change her mind…we tried, no luck there. Luther said we would have to find a different route. This happened two or three times with various routes.

Finally Luther told us it was not Duke’s responsibility to find a route; it was ours. With the assistance of our contractor and the NC DOT in North Wilkesboro, we found that a right of way for the county road had been signed in 1917 and was still valid (this was on the first property/route that Luther tried…also, for the record, this route would also be the easiest & most affordable way to our property).

Duke Energy had lied; they had the signature all along. The NC Dot stated all we would need is an Encroachment Right of Way form completed by them, our contractor & Duke. Duke refuses to do an Encroachment which is standard practice according to the DOT. INSTEAD Luther Parks and his co-hort, Matthew (don’t know his last name) tell us we have to bring poles across someone else’s land. This person is willing to give us the Right of Way IF we give him money for his trees that would have to be cut down (and these trees are mostly scrawny scrub trees since this whole area was timbered around 6 or 7 years ago). I don’t know about what you readers think, but this sounds like bribery to me.

We found it very interesting also that when we were out on a motorcycle ride on Sunday April 17th, we chose to swing by our property. Weren’t we surprised to see the man whose land Duke wants to bring the poles across & Matthew walking along the proposed Right of Way. The man came from over an hour away (where he lives) and Matthew had just come from his son’s baseball practice (in his family vehicle…not a Duke Energy one). On Sunday? Something really stinks here.

Luther and Matthew claim their “higher ups” are the ones refusing to bring power to us down the county road, but they will not give us their names or numbers. We have also been told “This is the way things are done in Wilkes County.” Illegally? We’ve spent today reading other horror stories dealing with Duke. We know Duke has the legal right to run the poles down the county road, yet they refuse to do it…because it doesn’t benefit them.

I am a Vietnam era vet. My wife & I both are heart patients and Duke will find themselves facing a lawsuit if this affects our health in any way. We are seriously considering bringing this story to the local television news. We don’t have any other option since Duke holds the monopoly on energy in this area. By the way, Duke’s “mission statement” is to provide power at an affordable cost…what a crock.

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