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I was double charged a payment made on-line. Has taken several phone calls to try to get my payment refunded.

My complaint begins September 8th 2016. I made a payment via the website to Duke Energy in the amount of $93.02. At approximately 8:15 in the morning. The payment was made using my debit card which is a Visa card. My payment was processed twice by my bank because it was drafted from Duke Energy two times.

I first contacted Duke Energy on Friday morning September 9th and proceeded to speak to several different people to try to resolve the problem. The first several people I spoke with told me it was not a Duke Energy problem it was my bank. After talking to my bank actually Carolina Postal Credit Union, they made it clear to me that it was a Duke Energy problem.

After about my 4th or 5th phone call to Duke Energy I was finally informed that it was a Duke Energy problem and the lady I spoke with ebony had known it to happen before. It actually was processed twice at the exact same time down to the second for the same exact dollar amount.

After finally getting Duke Energy to admit the problem I was been informed that they could do nothing until it cleared my account and showed as paid. It had already cleared my bank Friday morning and I was waiting for them to confirm that it cleared their records.

By Friday afternoon it has shown that both payments were credited to my account at Duke Energy. I was then informed by Duke Energy that for me to get one of the payments refunded they had to have a bank statement showing that it is cleared my account. And wanted my bank to fax that information to Duke Energy. Which I and my credit union were not comfortable with due to the fact that is my private information. I then had my credit union cpcu email me a copy showing that it cleared my account and I took the time to black out any information the Duke power did not need.

All this has been completed before 5 o’clock on Friday afternoon and I was told that when they had the fax they would refund my money. Saturday and Sunday Duke Energy is closed so nothing happened with the account. This morning Monday September 12th I was informed that I would be refunded the money whenever the billing department would get around to looking at it , this was not been told to me any other time until this morning.

I have finally found out this evening at approximately 10 minutes till 7 that they have issued a credit not for the amount that was taken from my account but for the amount of only what I had in credit. A difference of over $5. Now I have to wait for this to clear Duke Energy and to go to my bank and be cleared before I get my $86 and change back. Which I am hoping will be completed by Wednesday or Thursday. These funds were needed to pay other bills that I have.

I had to contact my internet provider to tell them it would be Friday my p****y before I could make a payment which was due on Monday. I also help my daughter pay for her vehicle insurance which is due on the 13th of each month. I have now had to put her off until Duke Energy energy decides they could return my money. During this entire process I have spoken to approximately 20 different people at Duke Energy get various different stories from these people has made multiple phone calls of approximately 20 in number.

I have been made to feel like basically a thief. I have been told that Duke Energy had to wait to make sure there were sufficient funds in my account. They had it deposited into their account twice and that was done. My bank would pay, an overdraft charge would then be on me. I have tried on numerous occasions to speak with a supervisor I am still waiting for a return call from any supervisor that can do anything for me none of called me.

I am totally disgusted that I cannot get a refund for something that they did wrong.

Duke Energy Р5 Independence Pt #140 Greenville ScC29615

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