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Perfectly clear day, not a cloud in the sky and, you guessed it, NO power! Of course we are all getting used to having no power in the Flat Rock area as it goes out EVERY D**N DAY!!!

Today its been 3 hours and no report on progress.

For those of you who think that Duke energy and Duke Power are the same like I thought, your wrong. They are like day and night. We had Duke power way up in the mountains near the BR Parkway where you would expect power issues yet we never lost power ONCE! Not through all the storms and two hard winters, not a flicker.

Now we moved to historic Flat Rock (serious mistake) and duke energy has outages EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! No reason, just goes out. Call all you want and all you get for an excuse is, oh we are so sorry there must be slme “line” problems. Really, you think? There are llts of problems and it starts with un educated employees, technicians and a cheap a*s company that doesn’t want to upgrade failing equipment.

4 months in our new home and we are listing it for sale as this is something that is just too hard to live with. Not going to live on a generator in a 350,000 home and not going to be told to be patient every single day for power!! Let someone else deal with it. Duke Energy Sucks!

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