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Purchased a MagicJack several months ago from their website; half way through the process, I saw how they were adding all kinds of fee’s; so I stopped my order prior to confirming the transaction. I went to Walmart and bought it for around $20 less than they wanted to charge me.

About a month and a half later; I saw that my bank account was charged about $75 by MagicJack; about three days later a MJ unit arrived at my front door. Because they delayed the transaction; I had insufficient funds to cover their error.

One reason i bought in to MJ was because they offered a $5 monthly plan (a savings of nearly $10 a month); and being on a VERY limited budget, I could not afford phone service otherwise.

In November, they dropped their monthly subscription plan… WITHOUT NOTICE! Thereby denying me and other disabled people like me phone service. Further; now I am stuck with nearly $160 in junk equipment (cost of goods, plus the NSF fee’s I was charged.)

To me; this is bait and switch and is criminal.

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