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My complaint is about the service I received on August 25, 2016 from Done.com. I was happy that someone could come out the day I called, but there was some confusion who was coming. I received a text from Robert Brown to confirm my 2pm appointment and then received a call from Jay saying he was coming out. Then I received a call from Robert when he was on his way to my house and I told him Jay had called.

Jay proceeded to drop my ceiling fan as he was taking it down and it hit the ladder. The light bulb in the light shattered glass all over the carpet. He bent the light box back into place, but it still was wobbly. He then told me that the ceiling fan had not been properly installed in the first place and he would have to reinforce it in the ceiling if I had some wood. I told him I didn’t want him to do that if the ceiling fan would now not even work. He reattached the power and the fan and light worked when I put in new light bulbs as he held it up in his hands. I know how sensitive ceiling fans can be and I decided to have him put up a regular light that I had in that room previously.

The more I think about it the more angry I get. I can’t use this ceiling fan anymore because the light fixture is loose and off the base a little and the blade and motor housing have scratches from hitting the ladder.

So this repair cost me $79.00 AND the price of purchasing a new ceiling fan and having it installed by someone that has more experience in ceiling fan installation. I want a refund and some compensation for the damaged ceiling fan. Done.com has not responded to me at all.

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