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First, we should not have to walk past employees smoking right next to the door and I waited ten minutes to get help because two ladies were out smoking and one person was trying to take care of everyone.

I know the State of OK. has a law about how many ft. you must be from a store entrance if you are smoking and I can contact them if you like. Every time I go up there they are smoking right by the door. It is such a nice new store in Wapanucka, OK. but they throw their butts in the pretty flower beds and all over.

A customer should not have to smell smoke every time they enter that store and wait while someone smokes. Two people do not need to be out smoking at the same time and if customers are coming in put it out and go wait on them. Thank you for your time.

Dollar General Store – Hwy 48 Wapanucka Oklahoma 73461

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