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My boyfriend made a Dollar General purchase I was unhappy with, using PayPal Pay In Store on my iPhone. When I attempted (more than once) to return the unnecessary item, employees loudly and aggressively protested that they were not trained in how to properly process a refund to my PayPal account.

I spoke to the Store Manager DeeDee on the phone regarding the issue and she stated that neither she nor ANY of Store # 03763’s employees were trained in how to process a PayPal refund then she refused to seek out a superior who could explain the steps of the procedure to them. Store Manager DeeDee was excessively rude and accusatory in reference to the nature of the refund going as far as to suggest that my boyfriend only made the purchase in an attempt to return it for cash despite the fact that I was requesting a refund to my PayPal account, which was the method it was originally purchased with.

When I protested about being unable to get my money back at all, Store Manager DeeDee blew my concerns off, told me that they couldn’t process the refund “legally”, then suggested I call PayPal and take the matter up with them before she insultingly hung up on me.

I then called PayPal who specifically told me that Dollar General Store employees MUST be trained in refunding in-store check out transactions and that if they were not then they would need to call their point of contact for training for in-store refunds.

After I received an email stating this from Ricky on the PayPal Debit Card Team, I went back to the Dollar General Store #03763 where I was treated hostilely and told very loudly by an employee that there was nothing that could be done because she had overheard her Store Manager DeeDee telling me on the phone that it wasn’t their problem, despite the fact I showed her an email from PayPal that clearly stated that it was their problem. Then the employee also again suggested that processing a refund for a Pay In Store transaction through PayPal was “illegal”.

This is an epic failure on the part of these poorly trained Dollar General Store employees and even greater failure on the part of their Store Manager DeeDee who not only did not train her employees in proper refund procedure but apparently refuses to contact her superiors so that the employees may finally be adequately trained to handle PayPal Pay In Store transactions.

I have once again taken the matter up with PayPal who informed me that Dollar General Store #03763 is not meeting the terms of their agreement with the PayPal corporation and because of this should be subject to fines for noncompliance.

I will be posting this all over the Internet and contacting both PayPal & Dollar General corporate accounts to file a grievance report. Train your Dollar General employees to do their jobs properly and perhaps give them a lesson in treating customers better as well.

Dollar General – 3513 New Boston Rd Store #03763 Texarkana TX 75501 | 903-831-5470

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