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I have written a complaint twice before. The Dollar General Store in Spearman Tx is a mess. You have a GOLD MINE here in this rural community where this is our only variety store within 40 miles and we have several small communities using it.

It is very poorly kept, always in disarray and the same items are scattered throughout the store in different places. I realize that you have a problem keeping help in our area but you also need to be sure that you have help that can speak & understand ENGLISH as well as Spanish.

Last week as I was shopping I found a package of bologna sitting on a shelf and it was already warm. I took it to the employee and if I am not mistaken she took this warm item and placed it back in the refrigerator!!! I do hope that no one purchased this item and became sick!!

This is unacceptable. You could have a nice store as your variety is very good if it were displayed correctly. Maybe more help? Maybe more instruction? Maybe a good manager for a least awhile? You need to DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING to improve this store!

Dollar General – Spearman TX 79081

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