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I visited your store #03155 in Fletcher NC this afternoon and had the worst experience of my life. While walking through your store with my cart there were many boxes in the isles, un-stocked shelves and even body wash with a 1/4 of it missing in approximately 4 bottles (This is facing the front door as customers walk in). I continued to shop and fill my cart when I became thirsty. Like any other store in this area I picked up a soda and took a sip while walking.

When I was at the last aisle my I opened the soda again and my lid dropped on the floor. I looked down to retrieve it but could not find it. Throughout the store I noticed workers walking in the general area I was in but figured they must be putting up merchandise. I proceeded to the checkout line where I saw multiple employees. I put all my things on the counter and then paid for my order **including the soda** as I told the cashier I had dropped the lid. Then a woman comes over and says “for future reference there are cameras all around the store and I got beeped telling me you opened a soda. Next time just bring it up to pay for it first before you open it.”

I accepted that but she continued to tell me about loss prevention and her getting beeped as I explained my lid dropped and the cart did not have a cup holder. She said where did you drop it I can go get it for you. I pointed to the aisle and told her I did not want the lid since it had fell on the ground. She then asked again which I declined. She proceeded to say I’ll get you a new soda and took my soda out of my hand and brought a new one back.

I looked back at the 5-67 people in line behind me and was mortified that I was being accused of being a shoplifter. I said to the cashier “this is the oddest experience I have ever had and I dont know what to think of it.” As I picked up my stuff and left the store.

I called the store to ask the persons name I spoke with and it was the Manager Rhonda. I explained that I have never had an experience like that in all my life. That it was embarrassing and I felt it was uncalled for since I had already paid for everything I picked up from the store before she said a word to me I was sliding my card through. She began to get upset talk over me about $80,000 worth of loss per month. She even had the audacity to say “the problem here is that you WERE shoplifting the moment you opened the soda” justifying her nastiness. Although she said it with a sweet southern tone it still stung because I was being paraded out in front of everyone as a shoplifter.

I will never shop in that store again! I am a manager in profession as well and have worked in many venues but as I explained in a normal tone she became defensive. I asked for her boss four times before she actually heard me over her own talking. She then told me her name, when I asked for the number she left the phone and came back with a toll free number as if she was being helpful.

I asked is the the customer care dept she said yes and thanked me for my call. I call the number and it is the survey number. Not a number I can reach an actual person.

I call another store and a very nice gentleman helped me all the while apologizing for this woman’s behavior and told me to visit his store where I would be treated with respect and “as family.” Those kind words restored my faith today as I found and called customer care to log a complaint.

Dollar General – Hendersonville Rd Fletcher NC 28732

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