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I shop frequently at Dollar General and Family Dollar. The other evening I needed to pick up a few items, as usual, went there for two things and wound up with much more. Made my selections, went to check out, paid for my merchandise and THEN was told that I could not get a receipt, as they were out of paper!

Having worked in retail business over 35 years, I know that it is the responsibility of management to make sure certain things are done! ONCE, because of a shipping error, I ran out of paper for our registers, I called another store and borrowed paper for the night, replacing it the next day.

If I had been told that I could not get a receipt, as I entered the store, I would NOT have shopped at that store and would have gone to another Dollar General, not far from this one.

The Cashier was very nice and friendly. It is management’s duty to plan ahead an provide necessary tools to run a business, successfully. By the way, this store was recently built and opened. Thanks!

Dollar General – E 80th and St Clair Ave Cleveland Ohio

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