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I have purchased many things on this website, before it was taken over by Choxi. I have been waiting almost a month now for them to reimburse money as products were never delivered or even sent to begin with. I get robot replies through email and since they said they would reimburse me by last week again, there has been no further communication.

They do not reply to my emails and when I call during business hours I get a message to say that I am calling outside of business hours and to email them.

Now I have not received almost $200.00 that they owe me. And no one is returning my emails, not even the robotic ones, or calling me, nor can I get someone on the phone when I call. Worst place to shop online ever.

Here is their promise to reimburse me, on August 11th. I had asked previously to be reimbursed but they gave me a store credit which I did not ask for.

“I have revoked the in-store credits from your account and issued a refund in the amount of $182.05 to your original form of payment as per your request. Please note that it may take 5-7 business days for this refund to appear on your credit card statement.

Please note that the $220.00 credit issued for Order 24275544 included the $15.00 discount you used. But since we are refunding the amount that was actually charged to your bank account, we can only refund the actual amount that was charged to you.

We also cancelled all the items that are not yet shipped, as per your request. Since Orders 24390979 and 24402449 were placed using the credit issued for Order 24275544, we will no longer issue a credit for all the items cancelled. This will all be included in the $182.05 refund we processed.”


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