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When I was forced to move due to a divorce my 18yo son ended up calling and setting up the cable and internet as I work two full time jobs. For a reason I managed to correct later, he could not get Comcast to just switch over so he ended up getting the Dish. We were promised over 290+ channels and the hopper for $64 a month. After just a few days i realized that we had been scammed.

Of the 290 channels over 200 were pay per movie channels or the HD version of the regular channels. The ones that were left were scattered throughout the pay ones making it very difficult to navigate to what you liked. I was promised Netflix which never came as it refused to acknowledge the internet. After just two weeks many of the channels I currently had all the sudden were blocked and I was told I had to pay more to unblock them as they were no longer part of my subscription.

I called to cancel due to feeling cheated and manipulated and was told that I would have to pay over $400 to disconnect due to the contract and they would take it out of my account for me. This is the same contract that stated I had things I never felt I was given. I was offered to get the cheapest package until the end of the contract at $31 a month for the next 20 months or have the $400+ taken from my account now.

This does not include the $240 that has already been taken for a service I do not have. I cannot afford a one time shot at that amount or other bills will not get paid so I was left with no option by this “manager” and will now end up paying $620 for a service I do not have hooked up nor do I want anything to do with. This company lies and scams it’s potential consumers and I am baffled as to how they are still in business.


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