Broken garage door - DISH Network

We had tv installed thru dish. When the tech came out to install out tv’s he was very very rude on top of that he stated he needed to get into the attic which was fine well he lowers the attic door and then says I need to get stuff out of my van.

We said ok. Well he opens our garage door and bam** it slams into the attic door and rips the top half off the tracks I have been in contact with dish for three days now and no-calls back no concerns.

And nothing is being done about this matters they are only agreeing to pay half of the damage when they caused the whole thing. The tech is now saying he didn’t do it. We didn’t sign up for all this. I’m at risk of my belongings being taken from my garage door and they do not care what so ever. Terrible place to get tv from.


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