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I applied for a job with LapCorp.

I am disabled. I even spoke with human resources about being disabled. The lady said she would “prioritize” my resume and send a note along with it to my local LapCorp office. (Which she did) I got an interview. Went to the interview and thats when the discrimination began.

They guys doing the interview loudly protested to other employees (loudly enough the people doing blood work and was there in the waiting area heard him) that he didn’t see WHY he had to give me an interview when clearly he (I) was disabled. The other employees reminded him that this direction came from the Corporate Office.

He protested for about 5 minutes, and even embarrassingly given my name out to the other employees who he was having a loud conversation with, came into the waiting room and said “Ok “john”, follow me for the interview”. I was so embarrassed!! Even the people in the waiting area gave me the OMG looks. I felt as if I were 6 inches tall. When we walked into the office for the interview, he closed the door, sat down, looks me in the eye, and says, “This is your interview. I was MADE to give you one. But know this….Im not hiring you.”

I wanted to crawl under a rock and die. And I still had to go past the same people in the waiting area looking at me again. The interview, if you can call it that, lasted less than 2 minutes. As soon as I go outside and get into my car, I called Corporate and filed a complaint. The lady on the other ENS had said I was more than qualified for the job and that she was shocked to hear about what had happened.

She conference called the guy who had did the interview, he denied everything. She then called the receptionist who told her that I was correct, that he had indeed yelled and everyone heard him and that he lied to her. She then spoke to 4 other employees that were there and they all confirmed my story. Months go by and I get the email “Im sorry, we went in another direction. While you had met certain qualifications, we went with another candidate. But please, apply again for another job opening.”


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