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I am a DIRECTV customer for the past 8 years. I called them to repair the malfunction of the satellite and boxes, the representative told that I have to pay a service CHARGE of $ 49.95 for a technician to stop by to fix. I told the Rep that I was NOT going to pay those charges, because I DON’T OWN the equipment, I did NOT installed the satellite, they did it to provide me with the service. I also told him that if they don’t fix their own equipment I could NOT pay for the service.

Well. I just received the bill and I called them right away, I spoke with a billing supervisor, she said that I was charge that amount ($ 49.95) because I DID NOT BUY a Maintenance Insurance Program, I told her that I DID NOT own their equipment, for them in order to give me the TV services their MUST install an equipment and it has to work properly at all the times, so they have to change, up-grade, their own equipment without any extra charges.

Now, the question is:
Why do we have to Pay for insurance maintenance repair?
Why do we have to get charge for repairs?
Can we get together (10,000.00) some customer to avoid this charges?
Can we go to all the States to find out if we can follow a legal issue?
By the way, the supervisor told me that she was going to reduced 50% of he amount, I hope she does.

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