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We moved in to our new place in September of 2015 and we already had an account open in my husband name for dish whom we had be with for at least 4 years. So I called dish tv to restart our services.

While I’m on the phone with the customer service representative never once informed me that I was speaking to representative for direct tv so as we are on the phone he deals out a offer of just 20 dollars roughly to get started so I jumped on the deal. The installation gentlemen comes to install the services so I notice that he was wearing a blue collared shirt so I asked,” your with dish”,he was like,” no ma’am I install services for direct tv.”

That where the first mistake came to affect. So everything was all good until my three months of free movie channel was up I notice that my bill went from 115.00 a month up to 313.00 a month and this is just tv service no bundle included my other service with different companies so I called them and informed them of my concern with the major increase well the details was oh mrs. Williams you didn’t pay your balance in November. So I’m telling them I went to one of your pay center and paid. They excuse was it never post so I get into a heated conversation with one of the supervisor that day who failed to remove the movie channel as requested because it was also claimed to be the reason for such a high monthly rate.

Keep in mind every month since December my services have been interrupted for 3 days or more the last time was 2 weeks. And I’m paying them still up to 238.00 a month. So I find out that I’m stuck with them until September 2017. And me and husband have went through a financial crisis for the passed year. So pay attention to whom your talking to, as well as don’t let consumers disclose your payment history cause that could lead to misrepresent for the next company whom they share your profile with.

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