I was enticed with great programing to find that there was a switch and bait performed. I was looking to lower my cable bill and a direct tv representative explained the wonders of how he could do that for me. He even added in NFL game day for one year. Im not a huge fan but my husband is. I agreed to the packaging with the understanding that I only want the NFL game day for as long as the free offer lasted. I did not want to see nor was I agreeing to any anything additional in way of programing.

Low and behold the next year this NFL game day miraculously appeared on my billing at a cost of like $300. Oh Hell to the no. I did not authorize or request this programing. How in the heck was this added without my consent. I mean I have a pass word on my account and everything. I immediately phoned DirecTV up to explain the situation. I of course thought they had lost their minds or some mistake had occurred that they would be more than willing to correct. That was not the response I received. I spoke to the general representative and two supervisors. It was all bad. All they could repeatedly say was we cant do anything once the programing has been added. I would understand their position if I had in fact ADDED or even REQUESTED the programing in the first place.

I did NO such thing. I requested that the programing be removed and NEVER added to my account again. The manager assured me that he would take care of everything and that this would never happen again. I left the conversation with the assurance that he would do his job and note my account as he said he would. Well Hot D**n. This year I received an email to state that what my NFL Game Day lineup would be. I was levied and horrified at the same time. Here we go again. Are you serious. I took care of this last year. This year they are trying to get me for another $300.

Oh no baby. I am taking them to small claims court. You cant just go around ripping people off like that. I NEVER AUTHORIZED OR REQUESTED the programing that they added to my account, I called last year to make provisions that this not happen this year or any other year. The simple well there is nothing will can do isn’t enough. I wont be forking over any more of my dollars.

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