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My room was broken into around 150 PM on August 17th by a staff member who makes the beds in the morning. The said individual works for a temp agency called Liberty who is subcontracted by Diamond. The said individual was already previously released or let go by the company and management was unaware that he was rehired for reasons I do not know.

I met with house keeping before the incident to do a quick towel exchange and the house keeper marked my room off of the list as I requested and I put a do not disturb sign. I walked by the individual who broke into my room and had a quick chat with him prior to the incident and felt suspicious about him.

Later on when I returned to the room I found some possessions missing around 600 dollars worth of items. The hotel later caught the individual but would not notify me as to whether or not I am getting my belongings back. I was offered no additional stay at another sister hotel or any of the sorts. I requested to move to another room but the room I was moved too was a tad smaller than the other.

My 9 year old daughter now is scared to be anywhere in the hotel and has asked if we could leave our vacation early to head home where it is safe… I find this very unacceptable as more needs to be done.

The best answer I have received is that a company in Las Vegas is handling the situation because that makes sense right? There has been zero communication in regards to the current situation. I have not notified the authorities as of yet because management is supposed to inform me as to whether the individual has taken my offer or not. I could not even get a clear answer if that was offered to the individual who took my items.

Julie Christian offered as much assistance as she could offer as she proceeded in a manner such as her hands were “tied” and could not assist me with any further information pertaining to the situation as it was in “Las Vegas’s” hands.

A pair of Gucci Sunglasses and a Hero 3 GOPRO hand held action camera were removed along with a $20.00 bill and roughly $12.00 in one dollar bills for the trolly passes as they do not issue change. I however was offered a meal for two on the house but I am here with 18 people so that does not serve me very well.

I will seek further legal assistance upon returning to Northern Virginia but in the mean time the authorities will be contacted in the AM to file a report before I exit the hotel. I have been up all night not being able to sleep because I am worried another staff member will come back even though I was relocated, it is a terrible feeling which is why I am cutting my families vacation short and I am leaving promptly after speaking with local authorities. I am visiting here with 2 other owners who expressed that I should switch to ocean beach club since this hotel is unfit.

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