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In December, i signed up for the diamonds resort international vacations in Las Vegas, NV at the Desert Paradise Hotel. I was told that i was going to receive my credit card through the mail in 2 weeks after i signed up. I haven’t received the credit card and its been almost 2 months. i called the customer service and they referred me to the c.c. agents to handle the situation, once i did, they told me they couldn’t activate a new c.c. because they needed the old one.

WELL I NEVER GOT THE OLD ONE! then i called the person who made the account for me his name was Corey. he also told me he couldn’t do anything. and he said best thing would be to call corporate. tried that several times and each time i’ve gotten transferred to 6 different people in different depts. whom all couldn’t help me.

FINALLY, i got to the people who take care of disputes and in order for me to cxl my membership is if i pay them 2,800 dollars up front. i told them that i never received my card ANYWAY and never used it whatsoever. then they said “its not our problem ma’am” i disputed this btw using CREDIT KARMA, in hopes that they will be able to get this off of my credit report. SUCH A WASTE OF TIME FOR THIS COMPANY!

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