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Went to our deeded week at the Boardwalk Resort in Virginia Beach. Concierge had already signed us up for an “owner update meeting”. Had to sign a form stating my credit card would be charged $20.00 if we did not show up for the meeting. I told the concierge that we were not going to buy anything. She stated it was just an informational meeting.

Upon arrival at the Discovery Center for the ‘owner update, we had to wait 20 min. Upfront, we told the representative of DRI that we were NOT going to buy anything. 1hour and 20 minutes later we were still being pressured to convert to the point system (our week was initially bought through Gold Key Resorts and is a deeded week).

We got up and left, never signing anything.

We never received the free gift we were promised in a form provided by the concierge. Two other couples in our Resort were pressed and changed to the point system. One couple was there for 2 hours, the other said they were kept there for 5 hours.

My next vacation to the Boardwalk Resort for our deeded week, rest assured that I WILL NOT visit the concierge OR attend an owner update!

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