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In April, 2015 we visited the Diamond Resort in Branson, MO and they offered us $100 in coupons to sit in one of their sales meetings. We have owned a timeshare for many years and was using exchange points. During this meeting, which was suppose to last 30-45 minutes, ended up lasting almost 6 hours due to scare tactics they used .

They told us they would “buy” our existing timeshare if we would go with Diamond Resorts, at a cost of close to $20,000 saying that our children would be held responsible for all the maintenance fees in the event of our death of our current timeshare and they would not be able to sell it. Then it would fall on their children after that, and on and on. We did not want this to fall back on our children or grandchildren, so we told them we would buy, but once we got to the actual signing, they confirmed they could not guarantee they could “buy” our existing timeshare.

Our only reason was to buy with them, was to guarantee our children would not be held responsible, so we told them we were not interested. They then, for another hour, told us they could sell us this “sampler” which give 18 months to “check everything out” and use chosen vacation spots within the sampler at a cost of $2,995. At this time, it had been such a long process, and we were basically exhausted, we decided to take this offer so we would have time to consult an attorney to make sure our children were not left with debt that they would be responsible for after our death.

We have since found out a lot of the information they gave us was not true, and could have saved ourselves $2,995 and hours of our vacation time that was basically taken from us with scare tactics. We will not visit this location again!

The Suites at Fall Creek – 1 Fall Creek Dr. Branson MO 65616

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