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Came to Va. Beach for our normal timeshare week. I was told we were selected to go vip on a dinner cruise. No dinner just snacks first lie. We paid 59.00 to go so they got me… nothing free here. Next morning I had to go to this meeting which was going to be 55 min.

6 hours later we got out of there my basically walking out. So many lies and traps. They continue to say we are a publicly traded company so we have to expose everything. 2nd lie. They did not tell me once I sign the contract for the points system that I wont be able to get out of it unless I hire a lawyer. Then after we signed the paperwork before going down stairs they said I needed to give them a check or form of payment right then. I jumped through hoops to get the money to them and they said my paperwork printed wrong and I had to resign a new contract. 3rd lie… Told me since I had already read the contract just sign here on the new contract. Thats were the switch takes place boy they are good.

I wanted a copy of the old paper but they couldn’t give it to me. 4th lie. I said to them what if I just keep my unit and don’t go to the points system they told me off the record that Diamond would rather I keep deed because thats how they make more money. 5th lie. If that were they wouldn’t be working so hard to do all these meetings. I told them I had enough and was leaving so they put me in this room said I needed to void out all my paperwork. 6th lie. They trued to sell me a trial package for 2995.00. So stupid I can book my own trip to most anywhere in the USA for 3 grand. this was so stupid I walked out. Don’t deal with Diamond at Virginia Beach Va.

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Elizabeth Newsome-Amos

Diamond Resorts……………what a JOKE. We own 13 timeshares, and Diamond just bought out 2 of them. Just found out that NOW we have to pay a “late fee” for booking our week less than 60 days before our week. We do not “trade” our weeks, we always use them. How in the HELL do you book 60 days a head of time, when you can’t book your week until after the Maintenance fees are paid and they are due Jan 1 st. There aren’t 60 days between Jan 1, and week 8.

SO PISSED OFF right now!

Similar situation happened to me 2 months ago. I called them to confirm that I would be using my week at the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach in September. During this call I mentioned that I do not remember being asked if I was using the unit on the form that was always included with the maintenance fees in December. I was told that process no longer exists and owners are to notify them (by phone? or email?) of their usage. I asked her how were the owners supposed to know this? I guess I got lucky — I really wanted… Read more »

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