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Fact: Biggest Scam Artists I’ve ever experienced. At my age I’ve faced my share of thieves, plus, noting their Vegas location… Both factors says a lot. They still rise right to the top of the racketeering crooks and con-men among their dirty cesspool. I have no doubt that makes them proud.

Support: Where to begin. If I relate just one story a day exposing their blatant lies, price gouging, broken contract issues, booking debacles, failed reservations, lost and unusable points, owner denied usage with no vacancy while the bulk of inventory is resold on 3rd party rental markets for extra profiteering, extreme downgrades to original purchase-value of their choosing with no defense, detrimental program changes as it suites their advantage, horrid on site cut-back services, exorbitant fees of raping greed, despicably overcharged yet deplorable maintenance upkeep, threats of personal attack & ruination for refusing ongoing payout escalation upon reaping no return from day one, unacceptable rule changes at their whim and favor with no recourse, promises laughingly discounted & unfulfilled, constantly reneged commitments having no compunction, complaints ignored with flippant gall, never ending but always increasing spiraling costs, etc.

I will never run out of material to cite the wrongs they’ve dished out and continue to rapidly amass in purposeful dedication to voraciously squeeze out every penny they can steal & pocket from any poor being they can target in their drooling sights. Need I say more? May you never cross their corrupt path or fall within their aim of sheer evil & avarice.

That being said, I will pick a short and simple example of a real Diamond Day of abuse to post tomorrow.

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hi do you want to get out of your timeshare


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