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My credit score is screwed with due to these paid-on-time credit cards.

I have had three different credit cards Comenity bank; Room Store; Walmart; and Overstock. After I paid off my Room Store acct and never missed a payment they closed my account and my credit score dropped 80 points.

After I made 60 on-time payments with my Walmart Card they decreased my credit limit to $3.00 over the new limit that they decreased it to and made my credit score drop another another 30 points due to being too close to the limit.

Now, after making 48 on-time monthly payments to my Overstock card they have decreased my limit to 2/3rd’s of what it was and I am now $67.00 from my limit. This will probably again drop my score by 30 points. I cannot tell you what it has done to my credit rating!

DO NOT ACCEPT A CARD IF THE BANK IS COMENITY THAT ISSUES IT. Your credit score will thank you later.

Comenity Bank – 1 Righter Pkwy Wilmington Az 19803 | 302-478-4527

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