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Today I was contacted by Ben Meister at Comenity Bank. I have a card through Comenity bank from Victoria’s Secret. I was keeping up with the payments, and then my other bills kept increasing and I was no longer able to make this a priority. Having a roof over my head and food on the table became my priority. I was getting charged late payments and payments on top of that, I couldn’t keep up.

I spoke with someone else from Comenity whom was very understanding and told me he knows life can be tough. He offered to close my card so it wouldn’t keep charging me and told me good luck and to take care of it when I had the chance. After that, I still get calls every single day about the card. None ever leave voicemails, but today, Ben Meister left one. He was very threatening and rude in his voicemail. I called back and explained that I’ve already spoken with someone about the issue and that I have no way to pay for it at this time. I told him I’m financial unable to. He said I AM able to, it’s just that I don’t WANT to. I said no, I would if I could, but I do not have extra money after my regular bills.

He said, ma’am I’m not going to argue with you. You are able to, but you don’t want to make it a priority. I stated again that I am not able to. He asked who makes the money then, and I said my husband, but even after he pays all of the bills, we do not have extra money. We barely make ends meet right now. He said, well I can see here that you were born in ’93, so you are able to, you just don’t want to.

You can get an extra job, you can even get a second job, you just don’t want to. I’m just lazy. At this point, I’m in tears, with my baby on my lap. I tried my best to speak through my crying voice and say, excuse me, I stay home with my baby while my husband works, I do not have the extra funds, let alone funds to put my son in daycare to get an extra job. Daycare alone is $400 per week, I wouldn’t even have a paycheck left. I hung up, bawling, I couldn’t get anything else out of my mouth without sounding like a crying mess.

So, specialist Ben Meister, I may be 23 and look lazy to you because I am financially unable to get a job, but I raise our child and that is the most rewarding “job” someone can have. I hope to never be as miserable and disrespectful as you are.

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