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I recently received a credit card through BJ’s which uses Comenity Bank. The card was working great with no issues until today. I use my credit cards instead of my debit card for all transactions so that I can take advantage of the maximum bonus’. To keep my credit card utilization rate low and not affect my credit score, I will typically pay the credit card as I use it, sometimes making the payment in the same day as the transaction, but usually no more than 2 – 3 days after the transaction is made. I do this with multiple credit cards, and have never run into any issues.

Today I went to use my BJs credit card and it was declined. I knew it had nothing to do the with limit as I was no where close to reaching the max. So I called to find out thinking that maybe there was some sort of fraud thing or perhaps the merchant code was giving an issue. I was told that because I had multiple payments pending, they temporarily froze my account. No one could give me a logical answer as to why this would happen and what sense this makes to freeze someone’s account because they make payments.

I kept getting told it was policy and there was nothing that they could do. I insisted that there had to be a way to lift this freeze and that this was the most absurd thing I have ever heard off. I asked for a supervisor and again was told the same thing. There is nothing they can do it is policy, that having multiple “pending” payments it will freeze my account. The girl representative then stated in a snotty way, that I am making these payments prior to the statement closing, making it seem like I was doing something wrong. My response was pretty clear with a so what, I have that right to make payments and again use multiple cards in the same way and have never run into this issue. I again insisted and pleaded that they lift the freeze and allow my transaction to go through, as I was attempting to purchase oil not only for myself but for my tenants, and it was a time sensitive matter. She continued to say she “understood” but it is policy and there is nothing she or anyone could do. Insisting and in my experience there is always something that can be done or someone that can do something, I asked to speak to another supervisor. A gentleman with Operations, came on the phone, and was to say the least not very pleasant. He too insisting that nothing can be done. I expressed that this is an obvious flaw in their system and the most absurd thing I have ever experienced. He then had the nerve to tell me to use one of my other cards, since there is nothing they can do.

I also learned that the multiple payments that I have made and have come out of my account, although it reflects as posted on my end, I was informed that all my payments were “pending” and they have not posted anything to my account on their end. When I asked why would you accept my money, which is clearly out of my checking account, but not apply it to my credit card account, I was not given an answer and again was told “I’m sorry but there is nothing we can do”. So they are taking/accepting my money with payments I have made, but holding it and not applying it properly and promptly to my account.

I now lost the points/revenue that I would have generated from making this purchase with this particular credit card and fear that even if the freeze is lifted within the “24 hour timeframe” they gave me, that I will run into this problem again, especially with the holidays coming up, as I will not change the way I use my credit card.

Overall, their customer service is terrible, unwilling to actually care to try and help and remedy the situation. They could not even acknowledge that they clearly have a flaw in the “policy” and system. I have read through the terms and there is nothing stating that they prohibit payments prior to the statement closing. When you log into the online account, they allow you to make payments in multiple different ways.

I want to be sure this is not going to happen again, and I want the points that I lost from not being able to make the necessary transaction using my BJs credit card.

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