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I called Comcast with a problem we were having with our TV picture and voice . The person I spoke with told me that since our equipment was so old ( this is their equipment that I pay for every month) that it was causing the R of our picture and sound.

The recommended solution was to go to the X1 box and upgrade to HD since there was a rate special in effect. I asked if this would correct the problem and the Comcast Rep said it would. So we set-up an appointment to have the “old outdated equipment” changed out.

Everything went well until I was billed for a service charge to change out faulty equipment that we had had for more than twenty years. Since Comcast is the only cable company the Vermont Public Service Board allows to do business in Vermont , I can’t go to another cable company.

I think Comcast is taking advantage of Vermont Customers and this billing practice must stop.

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