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On August of 2014 we decided to use Comcast for our business. Someone came to install it and we went on with them as our phone and internet provider. However, we decided to sell our business and requested the service to be discontinued.

To our surprise, no later than a month we found out that we were being charged $1,365 as a penalty for early contract termination. As a result, we are extremely unhappy with their service and with the following facts:

1. We were never told we were getting in a contract. The company failed to inform that to us.

2. We signed a service order which they decided to call a contract.

3. There is no clause in such contract that describes the amount a customer will be charged if they decide to discontinue the service.

4. The terms and conditions on the agreement are provided in the form of a link. This means that you don’t get to read them when you sign, they are only available online. This also means that they can edit them whenever they want and that you do not get a hard copy.

5. The fees are extremely high.

Comcast – 141 NW 16th St Florida Pompano Beach | 180-093-4648

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