Again Deceiving The Consumer - Xfinity Comcast

Comcast one more time lies to the consumers and due not care about making changes to the tv packages without consulting or asking thousands of faithful customers.

I am very upset that comcast removed the spike channel from my package without any notice. Then after  I  complained they send me responses of how they value me as a costumer for letting then address my concerns, but they do nothing about the issue.

So it is time to make companies like comcast regret their operational practices. Comcast does this to force us to order more expensive tv packages where they have move the channels that we enjoy like spike. Do not support or become a facilitator of companies like comcast. There is better and more reliable companies.

Lets fight, the economy is hurting us and comcast is not happy until they force you to get more expensive packages – if they want to save money get rid of all those garbage channels but bring back spike.

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