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Nomorerack…what happened. I placed one order when the company was under this name. I received my order with no problem. Years went by and now a new name, Choxi. Didn’t really pay it any mind as I had no interest in ordering anything again. I kept getting emails for $10 off…we miss you! Yeah, now I know why!

I placed an order on August 5th, 2016. Today makes day 16 (business days) 24 days(other wise) and my order status has never changed from when I placed it.

Numerous “live” chats stated I couldn’t receive a refund until the items were shipped and I would then have to return them. Well I can’t return what I never received! This company is clearly still acting as if it is able to provide customers with products, but knowing full well that most of their vendors have suspended service with them for lack of payment. I don’t know how that could be when you are clearly taking the consumers money so you should have it to pay the vendors.

The owner and its workers are a bunch of thieves at this point and should be treated as such. I’m out $35, but I’ll eat that loss gladly if I know this company and its owner will be put out of business and forced to have in his credit history stating he defrauded consumers and vendors alike. The rating below should be changed to “0 – 5”. Choxi deserves a big fat 0!

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Greetings! We are so sorry to hear about the trouble with your order. At Choxi, nothing is more important than a perfect shopping experience. Our customer relations team is around 24/7, to help resolve your issue with our “Make It Great Guarantee” Policy. We can’t promise we are perfect, but what we do promise under our “Make It Great” guarantee is that we will diligently resolve your issue and aim to turn you in to a raving fan! To help us fix this issue for you, could you please e-mail us your order number & details at : ?… Read more »

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