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Choice Home Warranty (CHW) is considered as SCAM business as evidenced below:

Trick 1: CHW sends you promotion via email that shows the first month free when you sign up for one year agreement but turns into last month free when you request a cancellation. In addition, they will provide their favorable sites such as ‘Consume Report’, Angie’s List’ where you may find top raking for CHW as likely biased comparison.

Trick 2: No where you can easily find policy cancellation fee that is often ignored by many customers, whereas you will be told there is no cancellation fee even though you asked on phone. But definitely they charges you $50 cancellation fee that is a tactic to hold you. Trick 3: CHW did not clearly tell you if the issue is covered and simply send contractor there with your co-pay $60 for sure. If ended up with no coverage, they made business with their vendors and you give away your co-pay. For instance, any tank leak from water heater is NOT covered as reported, but they clarify at the beginning and denied afterwards. You get none coverage but loss $60 from your pocket while estimation for serving water heater is typically free of charge.

Trick 4: Wen you intend to cancel your membership, they show their “courtesy” to offer you some cash for supporting your project that is not covered. If you feel happy to take it by being told this offer is nothing related to your future cancellation, you virtually fall in next trick.

Trick 5: The cash offer will be certainly deducted from your refund with cancellation. That sounds fair but you stay longer and ends up with more prorated monthly deduction (1st day is counted as one full month). Then, you will be convinced to stay due to limited refund (subtracted from cancellation fee, courtesy-offer, and total prorated with number of months). What happens if you insist your cancellation no matter what?

Trick 6: Now, your cancellation will be denied unless you sign a release-agreement that will seal your month of speaking / writing to public about your comments and complaints. As a side note, it takes few minutes to talk to sales man but more than 30 minutes to connect to cancellation department where you may deal with tough person who will play all tricks, not limited, as mentioned above.

As you can tell, trick 1 through trick 6 is well designed as a scam-chain that tightly hold you from leaving their business. Finally, I decided to risk my refund but, instead, speak out to public. It is our common interests in stopping such as dishonorable business while developing a trustable community.

Does CHW really mind your complaint? Maybe not since their dishonorable services have been complained too many but they still run their scam business no matter what. See link below.

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I called and talked to them about putting 2 houses under warranty, on the 28th of November, 2016, on the 29th 2016, they took $79.69 out of my bank account and said my service would start December 28th, 2016, then they took $79.69 out of my bank account on the 29th of Dec, 31st of Dec. and on th 3rd of January, 2017, that right folks they billed me 4 times and I had actually had service for 5 days…. It took 5 phone calls, to 5 different people, and I finally got 2 of the charges refunded back to… Read more »

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