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We started our service in December 2015 and bought our modem right out to avoid the monthly fee. Our internet from day one would shut off intermittently through out the day. My wife called on February 5, 2016 after logging the problem for awhile to show times frames and how often this was happening. This time we talked to someone who spoke comprehensible English and said she opened up more channels to help fix the problem.

It did not fix the problem and my wife called back on February 13 2016 and after being on hold a few times the lady came back and told my wife it was either the modem or the line; they did not believe it was the line so they would send us a new modem as our was under warranty and it would be to us by Tuesday February 16th. On Friday February 19, 2016 it has still not arrived. My wife called again and was transferred and 3 times. The sound quality was horrible and it was very hard to hear or understand what was being said.

The final gentleman she talked to stated that he saw the order and was waiting on someone else to tell him what happened. My wife was on hold for over an hour waiting for this gentleman to come back on the line so she finally hung up. While she was on the phone; I started a chat with another customer service and was told I had to call the business office but they were closed. The guy could not help me but continued to try to sell me more service. I told him that until they fixed the first one there was no way I would want anything else and his response was to try to sell me more service. Very disrespectful. After that I ended chat.

On February 20, 2016, I called the number provided by the chat guy the night before. I waited on hold again and then was again transferred to someone else. The phone line was very fuzzy and the person was difficult to hear; 45 minutes later and numerous times of being put on hold; now I am being told I will get the modem next Tuesday; I asked, “at no charge to me” and she said no charge to me, so we will see. I tried to find an address to corporate office but of course there are only the same crappy phone numbers to call.

I will, however, never recommend this service to anyone ever again and after I feel like I have gotten my moneys worth; I will be changing to another service. I would give them a 0 if possible.

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