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On Tuesday Dec 1 2015 my wife and I decided to order a pizza from Casey’s at 201 south main St. Salem Mo.

I called the store to see how much a taco pizza was I was told $13.99 plus taxes $15.01 plus we had a coupon for a free one topping Med. pizza which we told the girl we wanted Canadian Bacon on it we we’re told 20 min.

I called back to make sure the price of the taco pizza I was told by Dustin $15.01 like we told you OK 20 min passed and when we went to pick up the pizza Dustin rang it up and for some reason told me it was $17.00 and change I asked how a $15.01 and a free pizza came to $17.00 and change and was told that’s how it rings up in my world $15.01 and free rings up as 15.01 right

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Wrong because you can’t use two deals at once. The free medium and the taco pizza on sale can not be used at same time. They should have told you this when you told them you had the coupon for the free medium. However many kitchen employee’s are not also trained on register so they don’t always know that but they should. If this would have happened at the store I used to work at I would have done everything in my power to make it right. I was an assistant manager.


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