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I was manager at Casey’s for 1+ years and with the company for 3+ years. I worked on average 100+ hours especially during renovation of my store. My assistant manager was rude to not only employees but customers as well.

When I brought this to the attention of my area supervisor, I was told to kiss and make up with this employee. I was not able to reprimand this employee without her calling human resources. My supervisor told me that I was unable to do any kind of retaliation to her. When I did not give her a raise on her annual review this employee called human resources and told them that I was having sexual relationships with the male employees. I never once did.

I was terminated because I showed a YouTube video to an employee while I was on break in my own personal vehicle. I was told that I did not act in a professional manner when I showed this video.

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Interesting that managers are under the gun by Caseys with dissiplining workers. Apparently that is what I experienced seeing some snot nosed youth problems at the Bella Vista Arkansas store on 71. Not only that but they made one big guy a manager which was the biggest joke of all. Absolutely the worst and I have refused to do business there since after experiencing the same snot nosed attitude towards me the same as the kids were. I knew he was trouble beforehand and he was a jail boy also. Whether he is there now or not doesnt matter to… Read more »

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