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I was looking online for a website to buy clothes at a reasonable price. Then I found Sammydress. I thought I hit the jackpot! Sammydress had really nice and reasonably priced clothing. I ordered winter coats for me and my family, sweaters, shirts, dresses at what I thought were great pricing with incredible savings.

I spent $450.00 and it was paid with money that I had been saving for a long tie so I could buy winter clothes for me and my kids. I bought clothes at a fraction of a price compared to the prices at other clothing stores. Some of the clothes that I bought were going to be for my daughter for her birthday so I bought the clothes almost two months in advance just to make sure that the gifts would arrive just in time for my daughters birthday. I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to get the clothes so I could wrap them up and prepare for my daughters birthday. Well two weeks later the package did not arrive. Three weeks went by then four and then five so I began to worry.

I decided to call Sammydress to see if everything was good with my order and the sales rep. assured me that everything was good and that it takes quite a while to get the packages ad assured me everything was fine and the clothes should arrive within the next two weeks. So two more weeks went by, then three weeks went by and soon it was the day before my daughters birthday and still the clothes did not arrive.

I called Sammydress again and they again reassured me everythings was good. But it was not good it was my daughters birthday and I was broke I had no money, no birthday presents for my daughter. Needless to say I was so upset and I was just sick about the whole ordeal. Sammydress inadvertently ruined my daughters birthday. At the last minute I had to ask family and friends to loan me money so I could buy birthday presents for my daughter. Well after that Sammydress said that the packages were ailed out and if the packages were lost in the ail then it was my loss. I called and emailed Sammydress endlessly for six months after I bought the items at Sammydress.

Anyway I never got a refund and I never got the clothes. Sammydress ripped me off for over $400.00. I wish I would have found this site and read the reviews for Sammydress and I would have never bought anything from Sammydress. Buyers beware protect yourself and your money. Do not buy from Sammydress.

I learned a valuable lesson here….always do research for online stores and look for reviews from other customers.

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