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We tried to short sell our house in 2013, but Seterus wouldn’t even talk to our realtor. Because of my husband’s terminal cancer, we ended up walking away from the house in August 2013. Seterus change the locks on the house within one week of our leaving; however, Seterus left everything in our names and didn’t foreclose. One of the HOAs for the home foreclosed and sold it very cheaply in April 2014.

The house was sold a second time within the year for a lot less than the outstanding balance of the mortgage. Once I learned of the house’s status, I notified Seterus. The person I spoke to was informed she couldn’t discuss the loan with me, but would take the information and forward it to the correct person.

I explained everything to he including the fact that Seterus needed to contact the HOA to resolve the issue, but I still have not heard back from anyone. This was in April or May of this year.

I just received another notice regarding avoiding foreclosure and a bill for insurance for the house in our names.

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