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At Big Y in Norwich Conn on 6/30/2016, I saw 16 oz big y brand clear 50 pack plastic cups advertised. Special tag stated 20 for $6.00. Of course I checked the pack on the tag and the bar code… all matched. So I proceeded to checkout.

The girl said, oh no this is a mistake, it was a big y store sale tag as they are through the store… She got a manager and he said no, I can only have 1 and he will give me 1…

Well, I too work in retail grocery and we are obligated to the customer to provide what is advertised at the amount said…he said its against store policy, and I said I believe it is the law to abide by your ad. He said no, and told me to go ahead and talk to the state, as I am doing…

I’m very disappointed with the store I have shopped with since they opened in conn…


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