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I had over to paint a fence for me on 5/9/2016 for $249.00. They came, the service was provided. It’s wasn’t the most professional job, but at that point you get what you pay for and I just chalked it up to experience. That was up until 6/21/2016 when I saw that this company put through another $249.00 through my checking account using the SAME identical check I used the pay them the first time. I spent 2 1/2 weeks talking to the general customer service line which then forwards me to a “supervisor” named Carlos. I was told by Carlos on several occasions that my refund would be processed within 3-5 days of 6/24/2016 from the “processing department”.

After a week and a half of not seeing my refund (which I had to send proof had occurred), I was told that even though they couldn’t prove that a refund was sent (unsurprisingly, the “email he received from payment center didn’t have the usual attachment with proof), I was told “It’s your bank that put the payment through incorrectly or they haven’t allowed the refund to go through.” Which one is it? I’m guessing neither because this is all BS.

Here’s the thing about this company: there is NO processing department; there is NO supervisor; there is NO accountability if they decide they want to take money out of your account in perpetuity. They can’t tell you who owns the company or even who is in charge. It’s disconcerting when you’re trying to get your money back after what is essentially fraud.

At the end of the day, I had to close my checking account and open a new one in order to be sure that they wouldn’t try their robbery again. DO NOT EVER GIVE THESE PEOPLE A CHECK. You will regret it. There is no recompense for the customer.

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