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I was a member of Senior People meet and thought I had canceled my membership two years ago. Today I received a text message for a possible fraudulent charge. I called the bank and they informed me of a charge to my credit card for $71.94.

I did some checking of SPM’s web site and sure enough, for the past two years they have been charging my credit care every six moths as part of an automatic renewal.  I know I used the online steps to discontinue my membership, so I was surprised to see I was still being charge. T

oday I did a search of their site to determine the steps to take to “unsubscribe” from their service. The steps are clear and easy, but as I followed them, the site never says this will unsubscribe your membership. They never use the word “unsubscribe” . It says that this will remove all photos, emails, and your profile… but never uses the word unsubscribe and that you will no longer be charged.  I followed all the steps as described, but I’m still not sure if my subscription is actually cancelled.

Another thing that is puzzling… just last month my bank issued me a new credit card, with a new number. My other card had been possibly compromised. Yes SPM had my new credit card number… how did they get my number? I had to contact other merchants that I have signed up for auto pay and provide them with my new number…

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